Fear – your biggest adversary

As I continue to learn to overcome my own personal challenges over the course of my ever-changing life there is one powerful element that always has the potential to hold me back from being the best ‘me’ I can be.

It is FEAR.

Fear sneakily, creatively and masterfully has the ability to crush my dreams and distort my vision. It lurks hiding in the face of challenge and it wins every time…. if I let  it.

The word fear in Siramarti refers to any inner state that does not promote your wellbeing. This really means that if we look carefully, many of our daily thoughts and  discomforts actually have a basis in fear. Worry about work, money, partners, parenting, children, health and friendships are often the areas many people have regular negative long term thoughts about.

I would like you to stop just for a moment to think about the possibility of  how often fear could be controlling your life behind the scenes without you knowing it. And I am not meaning overwhelming fear either, just every day negative thoughts that prevent you from overcoming simple day to day goals.

How many fear based thoughts do you have each day?

I could’t possibly do that….
I don’t have the confidence to….
I feel faint at the thought…..

or even more cleverly disguised thoughts like:

I can’t do that until I have ….
I’ll do it later I’m too busy today because…
I’m going to once I…..

When we look a bit closer these thoughts are really just excuses that prevent us from experiencing situations that bring up fear. You may believe your lack of happiness is due to unfortunate personal circumstance, lack of opportunity or the negative behaviours of others that is out of your control. However, the truth is we often actually don’t want to have to face the fears that  inevitably arise when we go after what we really want, so we are happy to find all sorts of reasons which prevent us from trying.

You see to step up and overcome our fears means we must allow ourselves to be taken out of our comfort zone. It requires courage, perseverance and discipline. It means learning to recognise when fear or worry is affecting our actions and being able to dissolve it frequently and effectively. It means being willing to kick fear in the butt over and over!

Fear-Free Living

  • Being the boss of your own fear is indescribable.
  • It is immensely freeing and empowering.
  • It is hands down the best friend I have in my handbag.
  • It is never ending, it costs nothing once you know how and it goes everywhere with me.
  • It is worth more money than I will ever own.
  • It changes everything and creates a positive way forward when previously there was no path.
  • It breaks down limitations and it fuels my true potential.
  • Without fear I am able to live fully and be the best ‘me’ I can be.

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