Jane Kinnear provides specialist self-care presentations and training programs designed to enhance the wellbeing of service providers, care givers and healthcare professionals.

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Healthcare Wellbeing Programs

WellNurse wellbeing programs provide an educational syllabus specifically developed to assist nurses, midwives and other health care professionals in protecting themselves against common health issues associated with working in the healthcare industry.


Motivational Speaking

Choosing the right speakers for your event is a huge responsibility. You need relevant content delivered in an intelligent, entertaining and memorable way. Jane Kinnear assists individuals and organisations incorporate effective self-care strategies into their team or workplace for lasting personal and organisational change.

Self Care for Service Providers

Jane Kinnear delivers workshops and online courses designed to help those in service of others give to the best of their ability by practicing daily sustainable self-care. Facilitation focuses on techniques that help you "give the best of you not what's left of you."

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Webinars & Events

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How can Jane help you?

Jane's mission is to empower the wellbeing of  service providers and care givers so they can give the best of them not what's left of them.


What people are saying about Jane's impact on their Wellbeing

“I was introduced to Jane Kinnear when looking for another way of working with our participants. I quickly found I experienced the benefits of the techniques in her program. With an open mind and a willingness to practice the simple exercises, I saw my perspective of life’s challenges change for the better.” 

Glenn Taylor
CEO Nursing Midwifery Health Program Victoria

Jane has given me a deeper insight into myself, and has taught me ‘survival’ techniques that I now keep in my backpack ready to be used each and every day.  I feel more connected to my work, my family and myself.

I now appreciate how daily experiences affect me at each and every moment, and also how my feelings, thoughts and ideas influence my environment.  I can manage my underlying feelings with much more certainty and conviction, and I can be around people with difficult emotions during the day and not become  affected by their negativity.

The skills that Jane teaches have truly enhanced my ‘living’ and ‘enjoyment’, and indeed provided that spring in my step at a time when I needed it most.

The webinar format is personal, honest and engaging.  It was relaxed and didn’t rush content and was an excellent way of providing information to people who otherwise could not have attended.

The investment in yourself will benefit not only you, but everyone around you.

Thank you Jane for this gift!

John Gibbs
Registered Nurse