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Jane Kinnear provides specialist self-care presentations and training programs designed to enhance the wellbeing of healthcare professionals.

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Healthcare Wellbeing Programs

WellNurse wellbeing programs provide an educational syllabus specifically developed to assist nurses, midwives and other health care professionals in protecting themselves against common health issues associated with working in the healthcare industry.



Motivational Speaking

Choosing the right speakers for your event is a huge responsibility. You need relevant content delivered in an intelligent, entertaining and memorable way. Jane Kinnear assists individuals and organisations incorporate effective self-care strategies into their team or workplace for lasting personal + organisational change. 

How can I help you?

I have been practicing Siramarti for over four years now.  I am so grateful for the continued learning and guidance that Jane’s coaching provides to me.  I find, however, that I don’t need to check in on any matter for very long these days which simply means my daily Siramarti practice is working!! Change and personal growth is a choice …. it’s the best decision I have ever made.  Thank you Jane for your support and loving guidance. x

Sal Williams
TV Presenter

The coaching that I have received from Jane has been utterly invaluable.  I now have an essential collection of tools, which help me to clear my fears and deal with concerns as they arise.  Life is quite different from what it used to be!  I can’t imagine my daily life without this process and I am excited about learning more from Jane and continuing to transform my life in positive ways

Melissa Cox

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