Stop! A simple system for dissolving emotional discomfort

stop signDealing with my emotions in the moment has always been a challenge for me – a lot of things are going on in my life and I am often time poor. The temptation is always lurking to skim over what I am feeling and move into dealing with the practicalities of my day. I have been an expert at pushing my emotions aside – a well learnt coping mechanism!

I notice I do this particularly when the emotions I am feeling are not ones I want to think about. Anger, frustration, sadness – yes all the yucky ones that are a part of life.

So I created this acronym to help me to address my tendency to move past what is going on within. Once I know what is happening on an emotional level only then can I make choices to address the situation in the moment – when I stick to this routine the feeling is addressed quickly and I feel a whole lot better!

S  – Stop what you are doing and remove yourself for a moment – even if it’s to the bathroom if you have to.
T – Tune in – breath, notice what emotions are sitting beneath the surface.
O – Options – Decide what technique you could use right now to dissolve that emotion?
P – Practice your chosen option as soon as possible!

If you are a Siramarti Student, the ones I reach for most are:

– The Anger Shake Out – clears frustration
– Disentangling – reduces re-activity to what is going on around me
– The Jello Wall – clears fear and worry

Even when I know I can make things more comfortable for myself by using these techniques I still have to discipline myself to act. When I do, the relief is immediate. When I don’t, the mind starts distorting the real incident that occurred in the first place – hence the longer I leave it, the more negatively I am affected by it.

Jump in and give dissolving emotional discomfort a try for yourself.

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