Staying Centred During Busy Times – An Ongoing Journey


When I get busy I can easily become swayed off balance and consumed with tasks that take up my most of my thoughts, time and energy.

It’s important to know this about myself as much as I don’t like the fact. The good news is it is possible to do something about it! I have learnt that I need to be disciplined if I wish to reduce the discomfort of feeling pressured and overwhelmed.

5 Tips that help me stay centred.

1.  Attending to tasks at the time whenever possible – remembering to do them later requires a lot of energy and is exhausting. Make short achievable lists and set aside a few minutes to plan what I would like to achieve in a way that doesn’t put too much pressure on myself.

2. Creating systems that help me keep up with daily management. Overwhelm for me occurs when things build up each day. Allocating the time to respond to emails, phone calls, banking, social media, shopping and family in a timely manner helps maintain a flow. You may need to adjust the length of time you need to achieve daily tasks as you go along.  Are there things you notice you do each day that waste time? What tasks could adapt or get rid of?

3.Knowing where I could do with a little help to manage things and asking for it!  Thinking about what I could possibly outsource has helped. If finances are tight – consider what you could offer and exchange services with someone for the short term if this is an option. You will find the resources you are looking for if you just ask!

4. Don’t forget to stop for 1 minute and listen how you are feeling in the moment. Are you anxious? Exhausted? Frustrated? Becoming conscious about what you are feeling is a long life skill that I am always learning. From that position you can then look for ways to relieve your immediate discomfort so you can remain focused and productive.

5. Remember we all need a little self-love every day. If you are physically and mentally exhausted at some point it’s no use continuing to push through. Make a conscious choice to shut off, stop and recharge – I love to soak in warm bath with a ‘de-stress’ essential oil blend that gets me out of my head and away from it all.