Feeling battered by the elements of life?

Do you feel pushed, pulled and stretched at times – just like this tree? Are you noticing you  are barely holding on after a busy day, week month or year? As I was taking my morning walk along the beach I realised for many of us this existence has become our reality – so much so that we have come to accept it as normal. We are accustomed to feeling overworked, overburdened and over stretched.

But over time, just like this tree, we cannot hold on forever.

Before long the continual effects of wind, rain and water loosen and damage the tree’s roots and it’s whole physical structure is at risk. Which brings me to a comparison – what holds up our structure? What strengthens our soil, our roots?

As humans we are multi-layered and
multi-dimensional and the foundations that hold our human form are just as paramount to our wellbeing as they are for this tree.  Have you thought to consider your foundations lately to see if they are strong and sturdy? Or are they loose and in need of a little maintenance!

Looking at your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs will give you clues on where to start building your foundations for a rich and sturdy existence. By breaking ourselves down into parts and examining how we relate to the elements in our lives we have the ability to create better lives.

Remember – it only needs to be one small step at a time. To start ask yourself a few questions:

Physical – Are you getting enough sleep to feel rested and ready for the day? Can you make changes to your routine to help with this? Do you make this a priority? Do you stop work at designated times and ensure you have something to drink and a snack? Are you wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and warm? Are you attending to your bodies immediate needs?

Mental – Are you aware that you need some mental downtime in during work hours so you remain focused and at your best? The human brain in much more effective when it is completely focused for short periods followed by less demanding tasks and then complete breaks. Start to note what times you feel yourself becoming less effective and take time out. I highly recommend reading “Get in the Go Zone” by Mark McKeon to make the most out your work efforts.

Emotional – Have your considered which friendships nurture you and which ones no longer serve you? Do you make choices about who you spend your time with? Is it time to take note of things that make you feel anxious, afraid or uncomfortable so you can take action to reduce the likelihood of these things happening again?

Spiritual – Have you thought about what nurtures you, what gives you joy? It is necessary to schedule an appointment with yourself for a few minutes each day to soak up something just for you. Plan it – don’t assume you will get around to it. It’s not a once a year type or the sort of giving back that happens on vacation – it’s the small, daily moments to connect with things that have meaning for you. Doing this will help you create moments of clarity and serenity that can help you survive the parts of the day that are not so easy!

Choosing to assess your approach to life in this way will help you build strong and healthy foundations. These will continually change and develop as you grow, change and matures. It’s time to prepare your soil for prosperity and longevity!