Are you saying Yes or No to being the best version of you?


Do you wake up on certain days and wonder why it all seems so hard? I know I do…. Sometimes the thought of getting to where I know I want to head next just feels a little bit too big or too difficult to implement! Especially when I am taking a leap into the next stage in my work or my life’s journey.

Well, let me let you in on a very big secret…it’s a fact of life that a part of us doesn’t really want us to get there! Yes how ridiculous is that!!! Why would we possibly not not want to step into our personal power and become the greatest version of ourselves in this life that we know we can be?

A good way to explain this bizarre trait is by thinking of it like this…we are a whole lot more comfortable or ‘safe’ staying put in what we know, even if what we are currently doing isn’t really getting us where we want to go.

And we all have an annoying little culprit inside us that joins happily in on this game. Some people call it their inner saboteur, in the process I work with it’s called the Negative Ego. This sneaky little nemesis somehow manages to undermine, and make us feel convinced we are unable to execute the actions needed to change our lives for the better. We give these perceptions weight and before you know it we have discarded our ability to step into new opportunities, invest in our soul talents or follow our heart.

Your best weapon against this?

The one thing that we all need to be aware of each time we step into new territory in order to rise to greater heights as  a person, there will be a backlash….FROM WITHIN.

Once you know this, you are armed with a very powerful weapon…your awareness…and you can do lots about it!

The truth for most people, is that whenever we do actually step into new territory, it causes an element of fear, which is perfectly natural as it is NEW and there is often no map….this is normal! We are wired to run from anything that can potentially harm us, so fear of any kind, even if it is just because something is new to us, we sense as a potential danger. So there you have it,  the perfect recipe for heading the other way as quickly as you can, even if it is completely subconscious.

If you are like me, you might make excuses…

Many years ago I was pretty much oblivious to the effects of self-sabotage and I certainly had no idea what to do about it. I had used all sorts of reasons why not to take the next step; ‘I’m too busy to do it’..or ‘I haven’t got the knowledge yet’… or even ‘I will look into doing it after xyz happens’. The truth is, we are often not willing to investigate the perceived discomfort we feel when we step into new territory, so we avoid it with all sorts of excuses.

Since then, I have had many times where I have needed to use my trusty Siramarti techniques to clear the fears, dissolve my procrastination and boot out the negative ego so I could continue to flourish in life, become a better parent, juggle my work, expand my business and so much more.

Now for an important question:

Do you feel a deeper calling, a sense from somewhere inside you, that there is more? Do you believe that within you there is greatness, beyond what you have yet shown to date and that you have unique talents that are not fully being expressed? The fact is, if you feel some of these things, you are right!


But there is one very important action that is needed to get there. You have to want to break out of the old comfortable and ‘safe’ habits. At some point to progress we have to make a decision to say YES instead of NO….




Do you want to say a big resounding Yes?

  • to the life you were born to live!
  • to pushing away the stuff that get’s in your way!
  • to seeing your inner saboteur as an annoying visitor and sending it on its way!
  • to living life to your fullest potential each and every day!

Taking time to work out if you are consciously saying Yes instead of unconsciously saying NO is possibly the most precious 5 minutes you could ever give yourself.

I’d love to hear the outcome!