Who I Work With

Healthcare organisations

I offer keynote addresses to healthcare organisations, and provide specialist consulting and wellbeing programs for those who are seeking to better manage the challenges faced by their staff in an ever changing and demanding environment.

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I help  nurses, midwives, healthcare professionals and care givers enhance their wellbeing by teaching practical and quick techniques that can be utilized in the moment and at home providing immediate relief from mental, physical, emotional and spiritual discomfort.

What I Do

Jane Kinnear heads a niche healthcare education and training consultancy.  Her mission is to help you support the needs of your team leaders and their teams by teaching effective self-care techniques that promote sustainable wellbeing for those working in the healthcare setting.

Healthcare Wellbeing Programs

WellNurse wellbeing program provides an educational syllabus specifically developed to assist nurses, midwives and other health care professionals in protecting themselves against common health issues associated with working in the healthcare industry.

The concepts and techniques explored in healthcare seminars and workshops assist participants to prime themselves physiologically, so that they can operate comfortably in a constantly changing workplace and community environment.  As a core component of this program participants learn to attend to their own needs via goal setting and self-care.


Motivational Speaking

Jane Kinnear is a passionate motivational speaker in the healthcare industry who actively engages her audiences by offering practical solutions to their most challenging issues. Jane’s message is clear…Enhancing the wellbeing of healthcare professionals is critical in guaranteeing patient safety, optimal quality of care and staff retention.

1:1 VIP Coaching

Tailored, guided and supportive one to one coaching is available for those seeking rapid, effective and lasting self-transformation.

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