Motivational Speaking


Jane Kinnear is a passionate Motivational Speaker in the healthcare industry, who actively engages your audience by offering practical solutions to their most challenging issues. For healthcare workers, who are constantly subjected to increasing stress, time constraints and debilitating fatigue, their ability to thrive has never been more threatened.

A recent study of over 5000 nurses revealed that more than 50% experienced stress on a daily basis, and that they rate their own health as between poor and average. And research also tells us that the standard of care is directly linked to the state of wellbeing of the carers who are delivering that care…..and she teaches how to use these skills effectively. Your participants will learn how to de-stress, recharge and regain an optimal state of professional wellbeing, in a matter of minutes.

Her message is clear. Enhancing the wellbeing of healthcare professionals is critical in guaranteeing patient safety, optimal quality of care and staff retention. I every speech she gives, she motivates people to think differently. She shifts perspective and inspires new behaviour with a powerful message that ripples out, affecting change for years to come.

What People Are Saying

“I’m so impressed by the message Jane Kinnear communicates, the way she communicates it, and how she impacts her audience.”

Pete Garcia
International Business Consultant
Pete Garcia International Inc.

“I am so grateful to have had the pleasure to hear Jane Kinnear speak this week in Dubai. The energy, the grace, the way she speaks and the ways she taught me to break free to become a better me. The energy she has is absolutely phenomenal.”

Hisham El Sherbiny
The Wake Up Coach

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