Self-Care for Those Who Care

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A 12 session live webinar course for nurses, midwives & care givers

Don't just survive each shift - Learn to LOVE your work again!

Are you sick and tired of ...

  • rushing in the door after a busy am shift exhausted and too tired to give anything to anyone else?
  • being unable to relax as there’s dinner, family and too many other things to do
  • reacting badly with others due to pent up tension
  • reaching for alcohol or food to self-soothe

And then there's the lack of sleep where you...

  • spend way too long watching tv or reading so you can get to sleep
  • hate the thought of going back to work the next day and wish you could take a sickie
  • toss and turn all night, wondering if you remembered to do everything
  • dragging yourself along with multiple coffees to get through the shift

Which leaves you...

  • hating that you are not giving the level of service you signed up for
  • feeling powerless to change your reality
  • unable to speak up and ask for your needs to be met
  • with no time for self-care and no solutions in sight

It is easy in a busy high pressure environment to lose sight of your own needs and desires, especially when as a nurse or midwife or care giver you are constantly expected to cater to the needs of others around you. You don't have the time, energy or ability to effectively self care so your own needs disappear into the background.

Unless you have an effective tool kit of self care techniques that are...

  1. Quick and easy to do
  2. Give immediate relief
  3. Portable and accessible
  4. Unique to your needs and highly effective

A few years ago I was desperate to 'get out of nursing' after 25 years. I never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that I could turn all this around and take control of my reality and actually LOVE my nursing work again.

I learnt that the reason why it is so difficult to get past the day-to-day overwhelm, stress and fatigue, is because the limitations for our ideal life experiences lie within our own brain. The neural pathways we currently hold are wired for limitation, repeat negative experiences and need to be upgraded in order to manage the modern day pressures we are subjected to. 

What if I was to tell you that it is 100% achievable to turn your experience around, once you know how? I did, and I know you can too.

By using gentle and enjoyable brain change techniques from the Siramarti Personal Growth Process,  I have been able to create an internal environment that now allows me to stay in charge of making my daily life as holistically enjoyable and as comfortable as possible. By doing this I have been able to strengthen my inner world, which has helped me engage in all aspects of life from a space of mutual respect for myself, the world I live in and others in it.

I am offering an online webinar course consisting of 12  x weekly  sessions (6 x 60 minute content and 6 x 30 minute Q&A's and progress sessions).

How would you like to learn to create a calm, confident and resilient inner world that helps you survive even the busiest of shifts?

How would it feel to relate to others in your world from a stress-free, in inbuilt, renewed sense of inner comfort and ease?

Are you ready to learn quick, easy and effective techniques from your own home?

If so read on....

During this program I am going to help you create the same daily 5 minute routine that I use each and every day. We will be covering the exact self-care techniques I learnt in detail and I will walk you through them step by step. You will have the opportunity to learn with guidance and support in a fun and relaxing, self-caring way!

At the end of 12 online sessions you will be able to:

  • Practice daily visualisation techniques that will continue to improve your day-to-day confidence in your ability to manage
  • Significantly reduce your stress levels
  • Combat the underlying factors that contribute to stress, worry, frustration and more
  • Take control of daily emotional discomforts and clear them quickly in the moment
  • Let work of the negative affects of others at the end of each day
  • Stop the monkey mind and remunerating after a shift
  • Improve your energy and vitality + improve sleep
  • Feel in charge, calmer and more comfortable in your work environment despite what goes on around you
  • Relate to your patients, colleagues, family and friends with greater connection to your own needs whilst giving your ideal service

What you will get:

  • A 60-minute live teaching webinar held each FORTNIGHT and a 30 minute Q&A and progress webinar each alternative week
  • 12 CPD points
  • A manual with all the training information you need
  • Live group discussion and collaboration
  • A personal life survival tool kit you will keep forever!

The Online Program is priced at $495

Early Bird $395 until December 1

Previous Webinar participants discount $345

The first webinar commences at 7.30pm on Wednesday February 5th 2020.

"It is not often in life that we receive from a stranger a truly amazing ‘gift’ that will remain with us for the rest of our life.  Most gifts we receive either become outdated, broken, or forgotten over time, to become just that ‘other bit of clutter’ sitting in the back of the cupboard.

Jane has given me a deeper insight into myself, and has taught me ‘survival’ techniques that I now keep in my backpack ready to be used each and every day.  I feel more connected to my work, my family and myself.

I an now appreciate how daily experiences affect me at each and every moment, and also how my feelings, thoughts and ideas influence my environment.  I can manage my underlying feelings with much more certainty and conviction, and I can be around people with difficult emotions during the day and not become  affected by their negativity.

It’s hard work ‘unlearning’ a life times supply of  bad habits, but with training and ongoing practice, the skills that Jane teaches have truly enhanced my ‘living’ and ‘enjoyment’, and indeed provided that spring in my step at a time when I needed it most.

The webinar format is personal, honest and engaging.  It was relaxed and didn’t rush content and was an excellent way of providing information to people who otherwise could not have attended.

These new skills have to be practised on a daily basis and reinforced for the changes to occur.   But trust me, the investment in yourself will benefit not only yourself, but everything around you.

Thank you Jane for this gift!

John Gibbs
Registered Nurse
Online course paticipant


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