Complimentry Webinars


“Relief From Stress”

Live Complimentary Webinar

Wednesday 6th November at 7.30pm

Managing stress is becoming an essential healthcare workers’ skill.

Join an uplifting 1 hour free webinar with Jane Kinnear, Self-Empowerment Coach and RN. You will experience a facilitated, effective and powerful brain re-wiring Stress Relief visualisation which allows you to feel the stress melt away so you can feel confident, calm and in charge again in minutes.


  1. Understand the little-known scientific reasons why you are prone to stress in a service provider role or care giver role
  2. Learn why it is so difficult to release stress and the risks of letting it build up
  3. Enjoy a soothing visualisation that instructs the part of the brain that holds Stress to let go of it in just over 5 minutes!
  4. Feel immediate relief and learn to calmly respond to others enhancing your level of service
  5. Let go of a racing mind and fall asleep within minutes
  6. Rejuvenate and reset after a busy day
  7. Learn all this without leaving your own home!