“I was introduced to the Siramarti Process by Jane when looking for another way of working with our participants. I quickly found I experienced the benefits of the Process. With an open mind and a willingness to practice the simple exercises I saw my perspective of life’s challenges change for the better.” 

Glenn Taylor
CEO Nursing Midwifery Health Program Victoria

"Jane delivered an introductory workshop when I was CEO of Lorne Hospital, which led to a 4 week program for our Staff health and wellbeing program. The participants found the program very useful and effective in decreasing their negative patterns using the simple techniques that Jane shared with them. Jane is a pleasure to work with and an inspiring facilitator". 

Kate Gillan
CEO Lorne Community Hospital (Now Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officer at Barwon Health)

“I feel so blessed to be able to speak about Jane Kinnear.  I believe when you tune in life brings you what you need.
I cannot speak highly enough of Jane’s professional work.  Not only is her timing impeccable but her natural ability to access the core issue, however big or small, never ceases to amaze me!  She is empathetic and compassionate and extremely dedicated and committed to the growth of her clients.  Her unconditional support, wisdom and guidance has been extremely valuable and I highly recommend her coaching program.

Sally Williams
TV Personality 'Sustainable Sally'

"It is not often in life that we receive from a stranger a truly amazing ‘gift’ that will remain with us for the rest of our life.  Most gifts we receive either become outdated, broken, or forgotten over time, to become just that ‘other bit of clutter’ sitting in the back of the cupboard.

Jane has given me a deeper insight into myself, and has taught me ‘survival’ techniques that I now keep in my backpack ready to be used each and every day.  I feel more connected to my work, my family and myself.

I an now appreciate how daily experiences affect me at each and every moment, and also how my feelings, thoughts and ideas influence my environment.  I can manage my underlying feelings with much more certainty and conviction, and I can be around people with difficult emotions during the day and not become  affected by their negativity.

It’s hard work ‘unlearning’ a life times supply of  bad habits, but with training and ongoing practice, the skills that Jane teaches have truly enhanced my ‘living’ and ‘enjoyment’, and indeed provided that spring in my step at a time when I needed it most.

The webinar format is personal, honest and engaging.  It was relaxed and didn’t rush content and was an excellent way of providing information to people who otherwise could not have attended.

These new skills have to be practised on a daily basis and reinforced for the changes to occur.   But trust me, the investment in yourself will benefit not only yourself, but everything around you.

Thank you Jane for this gift!!!!

John Gibbs
Registered Nurse

“Jane’s approach is gentle, encouraging and without judgement.  She makes you feel completely at ease. Working with Jane makes me realise how much I can impact my own journey, how much influence I have over things that previously I had thought out of my control.”

Melissa Cox